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Professional Driver Profile: Pierre Kleinubing

I had a chance to snag a quick interview with one of our professional race coaches, Pierre Kleinubing, for our driver profile. Here’s how it went!

Roni: How did you get started in Motorsport?

Pierre: Started Racing when I was about 12, one of my good buddies had an old kart and I got the bug at that point.  


Roni: What kind of racing have you done? Competitions, championships etc., and for how long?

Pierre: Kart championships. 1997,2000,2001,2006 and 2009 World Challenge Touring Car Champion, 2012 Continental Series ST champion

Roni: What inspired you to get into motor sports? 

Pierre: Watching IMSA GTP and Formula 1 as a kid inspired me 


Roni: Who inspired you to continue pursuing a career in auto racing? 

Pierre: SENNA


Roni: Arguably the best to ever do it.


Roni: What other important positions have you held within the industry? 

Pierre: Coaching and working ride and drive events since 1997

Roni: What are your greatest accomplishments? 

Pierre: All the championships and race wins over North America. Something I couldn't even dream about when growing up 

Roni: Where do you see yourself within the automotive industry in the next 10 years? 

Pierre: Continue my racing career and coaching at Miami Exotic 


Roni: Good answer haha


Roni: What are a few big changes you see in auto racing from when you first started until now, in terms of safety and performance? 

Pierre: Cars in general keep evolving every day. Race cars go at an even faster rate.  All the paddle shifters and dual clutch gearboxes are only gonna continue to get better so we can have more power, smaller packages and more overall performance. 


Roni: What is your favorite type of auto racing? F1, touring car etc... 

Pierre: GT racing is my favorite, but as long it is racing. I am a fan 


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