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Miami Exotic Auto Racing Hot Lap Experience

Have you ever wanted to be inside a race car driven by a professional driver? A Ride Along hot lap experience in a Corvette can prove to be almost as exhilarating as getting behind the wheel yourself. The main difference is that a professional driver can get around the track MUCH faster as a result of a minimum of 20 years of racing experience.

The best part is that all of our pro divers love these cars as much as you do. Talk about a bonding experience. Come get the thrill of your lifetime by riding along with one of our staff experienced race car drivers.

Get In-Car Video

When you get behind the wheel of these machines of your dreams, we can get video of you, and the car, and the ride...packages start at just $79.00 per ride.

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Unique Gift Ideas

Looking for that unique gift for him and/or her? Laps in dream cars with no speed limits is surely a unique gift that they will never forget. Try some today...

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Ride-A-Long Hot Laps!

Get the ride of your lifetime by being driven around the Homestead Miami Speedway or Palm Beach International Raceway with a professional race car driver.  We feature different drivers at different times....

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