Mercedes Benz Museum

In 1886, Carl Benz was awarded a patent for a three-wheeled, rear mounted, 1 cylinder engine, dubbed the “motorwagen”. With that small step, the first car was created. Ever since then the Mercedes brand has been a leader in innovation, performance, safety and brand awareness in the car industry.

Located in Stuttgart, you will find the respective home’s of arguably two of the greatest car manufacturers of all time; Porsche and Mercedes. Luckily we were able to visit both over the span of only a couple days.

Upon entering, the entire place looks like a set straight from a 60s sci-fi movie. The lobby is a massive five-story open space concept. The elevators look like little alien pods that shoot you to the top of the building where the tour begins. From the top, you wind your way down the stairs along the wall. What I liked most was the simplicity of the architecture; sticking to the German philosophy of less is more. One hallway leads to the next exhibition, so there’s less confusion on whether or not you’ve ventured down one hallway or the other. But you’re not here to read my boring words, so without any further delay, enjoy the gallery of images below!

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