Porsche Museum: Part I

In 1948, Ferdinand Porsche had rolled out the 356 model; which was essentially a modified Volkswagen Beetle. At first the 356 achieved great sales, but by the 1950s, Porsche had noticed it wasn’t keeping up with the competition. Then, in the 1960s, the 911 was born. Nobody saw the impact that the successor 911 would bring with it-longevity, a great following and a number of technical innovation over the span of its career. Despite Porsches’ attempts at replacing the model, enthusiasts would simply not allow. Over the decades Porsche has leveled up in the areas of performance, style, sophistication, and affluence.

Competing in nearly every type of racing, the company has become an icon of the automotive world. Immediately after introduction, teams were snatching them up for Paris to Dakar Rallies, GT3 races, hill climbs and countless other forms of Motorsport.

Check out our gallery below, for coverage of the Porsche Museum located in Stuttgart:

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