Road trip anyone? BMW 530d Touring is a great way to go!

We are not only about the 500+ HP Super cars, we appreciate everything over here! Recently we got our hands on a new 530d BMW with X-Drive. On the outside we get typical contemporay 5er styling, with the optional, more aggressively M-Sport package. On the interior we have the luxury package (of course), with front and rear seat warmers and sun shades. With ample interior space, the 530d makes you wanna shove 3-4 of your good friends in and go for a long journey…so that’s just what we decided to do!

The Specs:

  • Inline 6, diesel
  • Twin Power Turbo
  • 4WD
  • 255bhp
  • 413 lb-ft
  • 8-speed automatic
  • Top Speed 154
  • 0-60; 5.6 secs

During our driving tour, we put the 530d through its paces. On our trip we were faced with icy roads, snow fall, rain/slick roads, and dry conditions. It is safe to say that even at 200km/h the 530d never broke a sweat. The only weak spot was the driver, as I was a lil nervous about truly pushing a 5er wagon on ice with 5 people, you can imagine as a native Miamian i was a bit unsure of myself. Nonetheless my confidence shined through as we kept the journey moving. With the transmission in sport mode, and stability control engaged, the ride was slightly stiff, yet very comfortable. The inline 6 diesel silently and very nimbly moved us along the snowy roads wrapped in luxury.

Despite the size and weight of the vehicle and it’s occupants, the 530d had no trouble sprinting to high speeds. With the XDrive All-Wheel Drive system, the initial jump from a standstill is rather impressive for a 4,233 lb hunk of metal and glass. To keep the mpg’s down, the 5er utilizes a start/stop function, which cuts engine power while at a stand still.

A rather nice touch to the interior cabin, is the addition of the HUD in the drivers line of sight. This brilliant little displays showcases your fuel efficiency, speed, speed limit, music playlist, sat-nav guidance, tank capacity, etc. The new 10.2 inch HD display on the dash is a very nice touch, which also has a split screen feature that allows you to multitask (not while driving!)

If you’re in the market for a touring wagon, Germany has always been the best place to go. That testament has yet to change.

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