Top 5 Cars To Buy In 2017 Thanks To Depreciation

A good number of auto enthusiast forgo the usual new car/lease route, for two simple reasons; one depreciation is a killer in most cases, and two, leasing is often considered as “glorified renting”. Hence, the secondhand market where buyers can take advantage of the depreciation the first owner had to deal with. In this article we will focus on a few models that you can expect to pick up for a bargain this 2017.


Jaguar XF


The Jaguar XF which has an MSRP starting from $47,450, features a range of powertrain options anywhere from 180 to 380 horsepower. The one year price difference from a new model and used is a whopping 32.3%, or roughly $19,966 in dollar value savings.

The new BMW M5. (09/2011)

The F10 M5 boasts an aggressive 4.4L biturbo V8, and comes with an optional RWD or AWD system. Considering BMW is in preparations to debut there latest G30 iteration, it is quite likely we will be seeing significant price drips in the outgoing F10 model this new year. The F10 initially debuted with a $100k+ base price, and at this time we are able to find secondhand models on the market priced at around the $45k range. Nowadays you’re easily able to find the E60 models, which feature a high-revving V10, just north of $20k. We expect F10 prices to drop just below $40k, even possibly lower in 2017.
 Mercedes E-Class
Mercedes have long been known to retain their value fairly well in the used market, with an MSRP of $43,790 (E350) and a CPO (average) of $28,395. In addition to great mpg, the E-Class was awarded the IIHS Rating “Top Safety Pick”. Engine variation include the E350 (302 horsepower), E550 (402 horsepower) and the E63 (518 horsepower).
 Audi Q5
2016-audi-q5-changes-free-download-wallpaperWith its superior exterior and interior styling, and the dynamic ride that come with it, the Q5 remains of the best small/crossover SUVs in the crowded luxury market. With Consumer Reports ranking it as “better than average” for its overall reliability. With a MSRP just north of $35k, buyers are able to find one in the CPO range of $30k. The Q5 enlists the Quattro system to put down it’s 211 horsepower, with the help of  a direct-injected 2.0L 4-cylinder.
Cadillac CTS
Cadillac is aiming to reclaim its name in the top luxury marque category, and its latest flagship models have been quite impressive. The Latest CTS generation features sharp styling, enough high tech features to keep you occupied for an afternoon and a seemingly more refined driving experience. The CTS has an MSRP of $39k, with current CPO values listed at roughly $20k on average. With sedan, coupe, wagon and CTS-V options available, as well as an AWD version, they offer something for everyone. Engine versions available include 3.0 V6 (270hp), 3.6 V6 (318 horsepower) and 6.2 V8 (556 horsepower).

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