The Palm Beach International Raceway is a 1.6-mile long road course, which features 9 turns and 4 straights. After exiting the pit lane, you will get on the accelerator and prepare for the first turn. After completing turn one, you will be immediately preparing for turn two.

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Upon exiting turn two, you will get on the accelerator and take the third turn at speed. Once you exit turn three, you will gain speed through the first straight away. Then you will get on the brakes for the wide turn four. Turn four is a long swooping curve that will shoot you directly into turn five. Turn five is the biggest curve on the track.

After exiting turn five, you will accelerate through the second straightaway. Preparing for turn six you will ease off the brakes then aim for the turn. After turn six, you will take a chicane that will carry you directly into turn seven. Exiting turn seven, you will be flat-out through the third and biggest straight away.

Palm Beach Raceway

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When completing the main straight, you will be hard on the breaks in preparation for turn eight. Turn eight is a hairpin-style turn. You will make the final approach to the final straight, completing your first lap.


    • 1.6-mile, 9-turns
    • The Seamless Track Measures 40′ to 60′ Wide (Area wide enough for Chicanes)
    • Surrounded By 1,700 feet of S.A.V.E. Safety Barriers
    • High-Level, High-Intensity, Low-Glare Lighting
    • Built of Hot-Mix Asphalt 5-inches Deep Set On An Aggregate Base
    • Indy Car Testing Facility
    • Various Acclaimed Driving Schools
    • In-House Catering / Food and Beverage Services
    • Corporate Team Building Events and Track Day Rentals
    • Emergency Personnel On-Site for All Events