Alfa Romeo Aims At A 4C Replacement With A Lower Price

The existing 4C is a pretty awesome car, no doubt. However with a base price of $55k, and very little to offer in terms of practicality, it is a quite out of reach for most people. A surfacing report claims that the replacement will be in showrooms in 2020. Unlike its closest relative, the FWD Brera, this new model will feature an RWD drivetrain and could possibly be based on the Giulia.

We can expect power to derive from the Giulia’s engines, either a turbocharged four or six-cylinder with a top of the range Quadrifoglio version. Unlike the existing 4C, this new model will not feature a carbon fiber tub, so it will be much cheaper. AWD may as well be an option for this future model. The new RWD coupe aims to compete directly with the M4 and Benz C-Class Coupe. We can expect the new model to debut at around $45,000. One can say that this is Alfa diving into a new segment of the market; we believe this to be a great strategic, calculated move for Alfa, it’s good for them and good for buyer

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