The Homestead Miami Speedway is a 1.6-mile long full road course. The course features 11 turns and 2 long straights.

Miami Speed Way

After exiting the pit, you will merge left onto the track and follow the long curve into turn one. Immediately after completing the first turn, you will take a sweeping right turn into the corkscrew (turn two). Once the turn is completed, you will shoot right into the slight chicane, turn three. Take the first long straight flat-out.

Approaching turn four, you will get on the breaks and lift off to enter into the turn. After completing turn four you will gain momentum, then get back on the breaks to enter into turn five; turn five is a tight one that will sling you into turn six. When exiting turn six, you will get on the accelerator and prepare for turn seven. Turn seven will shoot you directly into turn eight.

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After turn eight, you make a very slight left into turn nine. Turn nine will get you onto the main straight which is where you can pick up serious speed passing the pit lane. After lifting off the accelerator, you will make a smooth transition off the main straight into turn 11, completing your first lap.