All-new Audi A3; move over CLA

The numbers:

  • 170hp 1.8T, or 200hp 2.0T Quattro
  • Base price $26,115
  • 0-60mph, 6.5 seconds est*

The all new Audi A3, at first glance you may think it looks like nothing more than a baby A4; and you would be right. It’s been a couple years since Audi stopped production of the A3 hatchback, which was essentially a GTI that’s been to a plastic surgeon. But now they’re back with a sedan version and it doesn’t look half bad. Audi will offer 5 different versions of the new A3 including; a 1.8T FWD version which in my opinion is a little old school, a 2.0T dual-clutch with Quattro, a high end S-line, a diesel and a convertible as well.

As previously mentioned this car is a baby A4 meaning there is virtually no space in the back seat for full size adults. The backseat is very tight, average height people will be able to cope, but exceptionally tall people may have to do a bit of knee-sawing to cope with the tightness. Now of course with a small interior naturally comes a small trunk space; in the case of the A3 you have an allotted 10.2 cubic feet of trunk space, the smallest in its class. Those 10.2 cubic feet is barely enough to fit a set of golf clubs. Moving on to the driver controls and the dashboard, the A3 is extremely minimalist. Sitting behind the wheel is quite boring, the Audi Multimedia Interface (MMI) controls mostly everything with the exception of the climate control, which has its own set of buttons. There is just not much going on in the center console, and lots of unused space which put me to sleep.

In terms of dimensions, the A3 is very identical to the B5 generation Audi A4. The wheelbase and interior spaces are very similar. Although very boring on the inside its quite a well balanced car on the road. There is some turbo lag, but it isn’t unbearable. The nose is heavy, which is very Audi like, however the car makes up for it with its sharp steering and it goes exactly the direction you point it. The wheels are well planted to the ground as well and the Quattro system responds sharply, as usual. All in all the A3 doesn’t disappoint, even though it is hard for Audi to disappoint me. It outperforms the CLA in my opinion and is a well bred entry level compact luxury vehicle.

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