All new Porsche Macan: Evoque fighter?

With the Porsche Cayenne selling like hot cakes, the Stuttgart automaker has decided to bring out a new midsize SUV. This past month Porsche has officially began offering their latest SUV, the Macan. Based on the Audi Q5 platform, Porsche claims it to be an Evoque fighter, but is it any good? Porsche is offering its latest mini SUV in three different options, the Turbo which packs a staggering 400Hp, the S which comes in with a modest 340hp and a 3.0 V6 diesel which is rated at 258hp. On the outside it’s very much a fun-sized Cayenne, with very similar styling cues.  And of course on the inside you get a very Porsche-like overly cluttered dashboard.

Off road, the Macan works reasonably, but not exceptionally. The Macan is more of a road going city car. If you want a small off road beast, Range Rover Evoque is the way to go. This new Macan can be summed up as being more of a Cayman on stilts, than an SUV. Should you buy this car for off roading? No, then again 99% of the people buying this will likely never go off road. This SUV works very well on the track and is rather comfortable on the road. It does come with air ride suspension which is nice to know. As well as torque vectoring which allows you to choose where you want all those horses to go, whether evenly along the axle or to the back wheels for some sideways action.

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