Best Lamborghini Experience in America

Miami Exotic Auto Racing is the perfect place for your to realize your childhood dreams. Drive a Ferrari! Drive a Mclaren Drive a Lamborghini! Drive a Porsche GT3.  Thinking about renting a Ferrari in Miami?  Thinking about renting a Lamborghini in Miami?  Why spend $2,000/day to rent an exotic car to drive around South Beach Miami? Even better, you can drive one on a race track for only $299!?  Come check us out at the Homestead Miami Speedway at one of our upcoming events!  Come race the exotic car of your dreams with the exclusive exotic car driving experience in South Florida, Miami Exotic Auto Racing.  The exotic car rental scene in Miami is played out!  Come have some real fun at the Homestead Miami Speedway and race the car of your dreams! Most exotic car rental companies only give you 60 to 80 miles to drive per day. Are you looking to get a real Lamborghini experience or do you want to sit in traffic on Ocean drive? I think you know the answer! Check out our available Lamborghini driving packages at:


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