BMW 4 series GranCoupe; better than a 3 series?

Over the past couple years the big three of Germany have been putting out new models for the future. Amongst them include the CLA from Merc, A3 sedan from Audi and 4 series from BMW. All are works of art in their own respects, however today we are going to focus on the 4 series, specifically the GranCoupe. Essentially the GranCoupe is a 4 series but with an extra two doors. Much like the 6 series GranCoupe, but a baby version. The 4er GranCoupe at the right angle looks exactly like the two door version, which is a good thing. The 4 series GranCoupe although 80% similar to the two door, has a 12mm increased ride height and weighs in at 60kg more. Despite these minimal changes, the 4er GranCoupe handles as superbly as any other 3/4 series two door. Steering is very active and weight distribution is flawless as always.

This particular example that we will be testing is the 420d; the 2.0 liter 4cylinder version with a turbo diesel power unit.

The numbers:

  • 184bhp
  • 4-cylinder twin turbo, diesel
  • 7 speed
  • 0-60, 7.7 secs
  • 1,585 kg

On the inside you will find more head room(obviously) as well as decent legroom. At both High and Low speeds it is very comfortable. When on the open road, when the “Sport” mode is engaged, the ride becomes a bit stiffer and bouncier. Here at Miami Exotic, we are big time BMW fanboys, and this new model is nothing short of amazing.

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