Featured: 10 Traits of Over-the-Top Car Enthusiasts

10 Traits of Over-the-Top Car Enthusiasts

When one takes on a hobby, his or her entire life molds to accommodate it. For car lovers, their distinctive traits can be spotted quite easily. Following are ten traits that make a car enthusiast stick out from the rest.

Making Comparisons to Other Cars on the Road

One thing that serves as the true mark of an automobile lover is constantly comparing; when driving, he or she will compare the cars of others to their own or their favorite vehicle.

Spending Large Amounts of Money on Customizing

Some car lovers ship in automobile supplies on a weekly basis. Those with a true love for cars often have a passion for “hooking up” their own vehicles.

Visiting Car Shows

Car enthusiasts, like any kind, love taking advantage of the ability to witness their favorite activity on a grand scale. Car shows provide the ability to view classic automobiles, custom designs and discuss their passion with fellow enthusiasts. Expect them to partake in this activity frequently.

Analyzing New Models

Those that have acquired an extensive knowledge about a subject love to add their own two cents when the topic comes up. When new car models are released, enthusiasts of modern and vintage cars will be eager to analyze them and suggest how they could have been better designed.

Recommending New Cars for Friends and Family

Car enthusiasts never pass up an opportunity to show off their knowledge. When acquaintances are in need of a new vehicle, they are usually inclined to ask the one person they know will be excited to provide advice.

Frequently Detailing

For an auto enthusiast, his or her car is one of the highlights of life. Thus the vehicle must be constantly kept in good shape with regular washing and waxing that he or she is actually happy to perform.

Taking Off With No Real Destination

People that love their cars also love to show them off. Count on a car lover to go cruising through the neighborhood (or highway) with no intended destination, only a joy ride.

Identifying Cars Without Seeing Them

As unbelievable as it may seem, many car enthusiasts can identify a car without having seen it. They can distinguish a car solely by the exhaust note made by its engine.

Keeping a Collection

It’s common for car lovers to keep some form of collection about their interest. Such collections may include pictures, magazines or miniature models.

Bestowing a Name

Some auto fans see their treasures as living entities. Others keep pets, they have their favorite car. It’s not unusual to come across someone that has named one or all of their cars.

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