Harrods Offers A Bespoke Caterham Seven

Few automakers are selling their vehicles in retail showrooms (cc. Tesla). And now it seems that Harrods, the world renowned high end department store will begin a new trend. Harrods on Knightsbridge in London, UK, will offer an exclusive Caterham “Harrods Seven” edition. The Seven features butterscotch upholstery, a gold powder-coated chassis, and an asking price of 59,000 GBP ($72,000 at todays forex rate). If you aren’t down to part with $72k, the rest of us will be interested in the “Caterham Signature” personalization program. The Harrods edition allows for unique paint jobs, name embroidery on the seats, and will allow clients to specify anything further, within reason, whatever it is they want to make their Seven even that much more bespoke.


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