Sad News Alert! New Supra Will NOT Feature A Manual Gearbox Option

It seems that Toyota has decided to take the safe route with the new Supra (obviously) and they will keep safety and comfort at the top of the list. Unfortunately that means that they will allow the computers to do ALL the work. Similar to how the NSX was neutered, we expected this from Toyota.

So far we know that the new Supra will likely be  a hybrid and will share a platform and parts with the Z4 BMW. Allegedly the new model prototype showcases an automatic BMW shifter (SAD!) Moreover, it is safe to say that there will be no manual option whatsoever (VERY SAD!) Of course finding  a hybrid with a manual is ultra rare, and Toyota has no plans to make such a brave statement. The interior oozes BMW, which is usually a good thing, but not sure how we feel about it in this case. We can assume that the Supra will be marketed as more of a sports car, and the BMW version will be that of a grand tourer. The Toyota will get its own differentiation, with the main differences being the gear rations and a hard top roof. However reports suggest that power will be sent to all four wheels via an AWD system in both the BMW and Toyota variations. Both the Z4 and Supra of the past featured a notoriously delicious RWD system, so it is very interesting to see how this new set up will work going forward (I smell understeer)

We will have to wait until the 2018 release of the Supra in order to secure a test drive to see just how the new models perform- despite the questionable hardware packed underneath. It is evident that BMW and Toyota are using the new technology to prepare us for the future of the sports car, but some of us are just reluctant.

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