Tesla CEO Elon Musk Wants To Get Rid Of Traffic

The idea all started when Tesla boss Elon Musk was sitting in L.A. traffic, tweeting about his less than satisfactory experience, stating that he wanted to do something about it. In theory, alleviating traffic and making the roadways more pleasurable seems ideal, on paper what could possibly go wrong?

The startup, being The Boring Company, intends on using giant “boring” machines to dig tunnel holes underground so cars are able to travel, which lead to a decrease in the overall number of cars on the road. The issue with this idea is that it is exceptionally ambitious and and violates nearly every code of ethics Musk stands for.



Considering this idea was concocted out of frustration in the moment, and hasn’t fully undergone logical consultation, this can be considered an emotional move from Musk’s typically, calculated mind. The Boring Company plan would undoubtedly decrease the number of idle vehicle on the road, however, the cost of building, maintenance, etc would far exceed that of the roads we have today. Also take into consideration our current strain on infrastructure.



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