Tesla Semi Delivers Solid Performance Specs For Their Trucks

Tesla claims that its Tesla Semi is capable of a 500 mile range between charges, and allows for an additional 400 miles of range given a 30 minute top-off. The Tesla Semi is also able to carry up to 80,000 lbs of freight, and consume less than 2kWh of power per mile. The  on-demand torque makes for interesting acceleration times (0-60 mph in 20 seconds) when fully loaded with cargo.


The Tesla Semi is capable of up to 65 mph up a 5% grade with the same 80,000 lbs. The batteries themselves will recharge themselves using regenerative braking to slow down the cargo load when going downhill. Due to its electric nature, similar to the rest of the Tesla lineup, the design allows for much improved aerodynamics and a large cabin; something it’s coal-powered counterparts are unable to do because of the cumbersome engine bays. The cabin itself is tall enough that a 6 foot 6 inch human is able to stand inside comfortably. The interior of the Tesla Semi will be encompassed in glass for a better pano-view of the surrounding scenery while sitting in a central-mounted seat.


Tesla CEO, Elon Musk actually used to own a McLaren F1, which might be where he got the inspiration for the interior. Whether or not, that is the case, the Tesla Semi is nicely appointed for its drivers, featuring a three-point steering wheel, vast amounts of storage space, two-15 inch touch screens displays. Borrowed from a Model 3, the screens deal with navigation, data logging, and presumably to activate the semi autonomous Enhanced Autopilot function that makes use of the Tesla Autopilot system. These creature comforts make the task of driving the Tesla Semi on highways much less daunting. The Tesla Semi also has a system which detects jackknifing and adjust power to each electric motor to straighten out the Semi.


XPO mgmt. one of the countries largest logistics companies, has been negotiating with Tesla on their EVsemi for the past 18 months, including the testing of live prototypes. XPO mgmt confirms that the Tesla Semi lives up to its claims. Of which include The Tesla Semi performance vs. diesel counterparts up a 5% grade (55 mph vs 45 mph), recharging time, safety and anti jackknifing features and payload (similar to that of diesel counterparts), as confirmed by Tesla.




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