The Lincoln Continental Debut We Have All Been Waiting For With 400 HP

Easily one of the most iconic vehicles to come out of the Ford/Lincoln factory in all of history. During the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, the Continental made its long awaited return. This new model with feature a 3.0L twin-turbo V6, with an output of 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque.

The Continental will have an optional all-wheel drive system, and a first class interior. Lincoln says “offers first-class travel for clients in America and China, bringing warm, human touches and a contemporary design.” The front seats come equipped with “Perfect Position Seats”, which are said to be inspired by private jets; they can adjust 30 different ways and include massage, heat/cooling features, and thigh extensions. In the backseat, passengers are given an abundance of legroom, reclining seats, massage settings, as well as heating and cooling. Included in the rear seats are sunshades, audio control and climate control.

With regards to technology, the Continental features cameras and sensors detect potential collisions, and designed to assist with safety and parking improvement. Brakes work with the collision sensors to automatically apply in the event of an almost-accident. the cameras provide a 360-degree image, which is displayed to the vehicles infotainment screen; this helps with parallel and perpendicular parking maneuvers. A Revel sounds system complete with three different modes: stereo, audience and on stage. To give you a studio-like feel, acoustic laminated glass and Active Noise Control.

This latest Continental will hopefully lead the battle that Lincoln is fighting to keep up with it’s European counterparts. We can’t seem to help but notice the striking resemblance to a Jaguar. No surprise both Lincoln, and Jag were owned by Ford at one point. Pricing is yet to be released on the new model, but the continental will be available for sale by fall of 2016.

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