The Unattainable BMW 1 Series Sedan

BMW has decided to unveil their latest rendition of the 1 series, however, it is only available to the Chinese market. Before you get all salty about that, you may want to read a bit further. The 1 series sedan will be based on the 2 Series Active Tourer and the X1, which means FWD. Yuck. Most enthusiasts will dislike this car, but chances of us seeing one are highly unlikely.




The 1 Series Sedan has been engineered specifically for the Chinese market, and will not be sold outside of said market. But you know what, BMW, we are not even mad about that. It looks a bit sluggish, and has been likened to that of a Hyundai Accent, with a BMW badge. I am sure BMW will do a decent job as far as the driving experience, but who cares?





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