1998 Porsche 911 GT1 Turned Street-Legal

It is not often (read: never) that you get to see a 911 GT1, let alone a GT1 on the road. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is notorious for its exceptional turnout of rare and exotic cars. What is special about this particular Porsche is that they took a race car and make an extremely limited number of road-going versions. Alternatively, Ferrari and the like typically take a road car and make it illegal. It is believed that this is the only road-legal version of this car out today. To turn this 911 GT1 into a road-legal car was surprisingly not a hard job. All that was required was a set of road tires, catalytic converters, new fuel filler caps and softer springs and dampers for the public roads. Take a look at the video below from Goodwood Festival of Speed:


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