Shelby Widebody Concept Takes To Mustang and F-150 Super Snake


We are glad to say that the Shelby tuning house is at it again, this time they are debuting a wide body Super Snake Mustang and F-150. It is most certainly a beautiful thing to see that Carroll Shelby’s dream is still alive, and Ford is still absolutely killing it with the collaborations. On the Mustang version, Shelby takes a 2015 model or newer, and gives it the 50th Anniversary Super Snake package, which adds on a wide body kit. Shelby notes that the wide body kits are not just for show, but allows for sharper cornering abilities through better grip via a wider track- with 4 inches added to the rear and 2.5 inches added to the front. This increased grip is necessary to deal with the whopping 750 horsepower. These ponies are kept in line thanks to an adjustable coil over suspension system, bigger brakes, extended and stiffened wheel lugs and a set of sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. The new Super Snake editions will be debuted on the 20th of May at the 5th Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show. If put into production, we can expect to see it drop by Fall of 2017.


The F-150 Super Snake features the same 750 horsepower as the wide body Mustang. The Shelby truck will have a new hood to conceal those 750 horses, new rockers, front and rear spoilers, grilles, a rear bumper panel, and a tonneau cover. For aesthetics, a flashy set of racing stripes and distinguishing badges are added as well. The F-150 Super Snake will showcase a completely new dashboard, seats and flooring. It is also worth noting that the truck has a redone independent suspension, in case you want to see what it can do around those corners. If you want to get your hands one, better be quick because it is estimated that only about 150 of these trucks will be made by Shelby.



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