Alfa Romeo 4C; Neoclassical Italian

The numbers:

  • 237bhp
  • 0-60 in 4.5 seconds
  • 40 mpg
  • 160 mph top speed

The Italians have come up with a lovely new mid engine, two-seater, the first proper Alfa in ages; it is called the 4C by Alfa Romeo. At first glance it looks rather brilliant, but we must ask, Is it any good? Starting at around $70k USD, it’s a rather large price tag for something us Americans can’t readily purchase stateside. That is a staggering number considering there is no ridiculously powerful engine under the hood; what you do get, however, is a remade version of the 1.7L turbo four cylinder engine that is borrowed from the Giulietta hatchback.

The Alfa 4C weighs in at only 925 kilos, or 2,040lbs, less than that of the Mercedes SLK. In an effort to save weight Alfa Romeo has taken out the climate control and power steering; by doing so you also get heavier steering and more feel from the car when maneuvering about. In addition to that, Alfa has given the 4C a full carbon fiber chassis, and there is virtually no metal work in the body.

Coupled with all these efforts to save weight, the 4C is extremely agile with a 0-60 sprint time of just 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph. The 1.7L turbo power plant puts out a strong 237 bhp, more than enough for this lightweight car.

Though the 4C handles brilliantly and looks rather phenomenal, the car feels quite cheap. The interior switches and controls have a very plastic-like feel to them. The quality just doesn’t seem to match the looks, typical Italian. Not to mention the car is extremely wide, considering the car comes from a country where the streets are thinner than Cameron Diaz lips.

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