Tesla Model S; Changing the automotive climate

Car makers are just as innovative as large tech companies. It’s almost difficult to keep up with the changes in consumer demand, but most automakers are able to stay in the game. One maker in particular has been able to start a revolution, that of course being the likes of Tesla. The American auto firm has a history of innovation, beginning with the one-speed, lightning quick Tesla Roadster introduced back in 2008. The Roadster, which bares a striking resemblance to a Lotus Exige, features an AC induction motor which creates instant torque and rated at 300HP.

Now the automaker has since debuted the award winning Model S family saloon. The Model S is a quite handsome vehicle, encompassing clean contemporary styling and three battery power choices. Typically electric cars are known for being the most efficient means of automotive transport in the sense that you never have to waste time and money at gas stations or oil change shops. As a matter of fact, the only two issues are, 1) Battery charging time and, 2) Places where you can actually charge your vehicle. Well, the brilliant minds at Tesla have seemingly resolved these two concerns; by offering an industry leading charge time of only 1 hour and 12 minutes, and by offering multiple charge stations across the states which allow the owner to drive from east coast to west coast with no problem.

Now for the scientific bits, the Model S offers an 85 kwh or a 65 kwh power plant, of which are placed very low and towards the center of the vehicles frame. The placement of the battery is crucial for two reasons, lower and closer to the center allows for a near perfect center of gravity, which in terms of driving physics allows for better handling on the road. The aluminum body structure makes the Model S strong, rigid and light. As well, the model S takes the prize for most aerodynamic sedan in its class; while simultaneously reducing the negative effects of drag.  The Model S uses a technique called regenerative braking-similar to the Porsche 918 supercar;  the car recaptures energy when heading downhill or coming to a stop and feeds it back into the battery system.

The ultra modern, minimalist styling is carried into the interior of the Model S; very clean and simply laid out features that are easy to navigate. A massive, high-resolution 17” touchscreen display puts every bit of on-board information and mobile connectivity at your fingertips. With all these combined efforts, the Tesla Model S is arguably the best electric car ever made. Oh , and did I not mention the door handles disappear when the doors close!

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