Audi RS6; appropriate for any occasion

I have always been a huge fan of the RS6 from Audi, especially the B7 generation. How could you not love a 5.2L V10 Gallardo engine inside of a proper German wagon? Well for this new 2015 model Audi has brought us another wild beast! The newest model features a 4.0L TFSI V8, biturbo of course, mated to an 8 speed tiptronic gearbox.
The RS6 is capable of a whopping 560hp/516lb-ft. With all those ponies, it makes sense why the top speed is set at 189mph. With the ability to sprint from 0-60mph in 3.9 secs; I imagine 189 mph in a 4,500lb Avant being a little intimidating for some people.

On the outside, the RS6 looks very aggressive with the blacked out honeycomb grill, we love blacked out honeycomb grills here at Miami Exotic! On the lower portion of the grill you will find a subtle-yet noticeable “quattro” badge. Some love it, some hate it, I happen to love it. It is just noticeable if you are up close, but it is barely noticeable from afar. Again, it’s all about the details. Along the sides of the RS6 battleship sized body, are the flared wheel arches, which help set off the massive 20in wheels. Behind the 20in wheels, you will find the space shuttle stopping brakes, which are very necessary for bringing that 560hp to a stop.

Along the rear, Audi has fitted a lovely roof spoiler to complement the RS6’s curves. Down below, we have a brutal sounding dual exhaust, loud enough to wake the whole forest. On the inside you will find a trunk big enough to fit everything in the entire Publix store, plus a couple golf bags. So space is hardly an issue in the RS6.

In the cabin there are these lovely Audi sport seats with snug support. Throughout the interior Audi uses the highest quality of leather for every surface of this German deliciousness can be yours for only $150,000USD. The only problem is that they will not be selling this RS6 in the USA. SORRY GUYS!

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