Proving Grounds: BMW M3 vs. Alpina D3

In todays feature, we are comparing the glorious M3 limo and the Alpina D3. We are all familiar with the Worlds greatest car, the M3(if you’re not get on it).



  • Twin-turbo Inline-6, 2979cc
  • 0-60 4,1 secs
  • Top speed 155mph
  • Kerb weight 1595kg
  • Front engine, Rear-wheel drive
  • 425bhp at 5500-7300rpm
  • Torque 406lb-ft at 1800-5500rpm
  • 7 speed dual clutch


  • Twin-turbo Inline-6 diesel
  • 0-60 4,6s
  • top speed 173mph
  • kerb weight 1620kg
  • Front engine, Rear-wheel drive
  • 345bhp at 4000rpm
  • Torque 516lb-ft at 1500-3000rpm
  • 8 speed paddle shift

Of course, being that is a diesel, the D3 is less detrimental to the environment, and is cheaper than the M3. In the 0-100 mph drag race, the D3 gets off the line quicker, but the M3 eventually wins. On the other hand, the D3 is quicker on the brake test, and stops shorter from 100-0. In both cars the front suspension comes with struts, coil springs, anti roll bar and adjustable dampers. For the rear suspension, you get multilink, coil springs, anti roll bar and adjustable dampers. The brakes are ventilated steel discs, front and rear (M3 only: optional carbon ceramic discs fitted).


The M3 is more of a hassle to handle around the test track, it takes a bit more wrestling with the steering wheel to keep in control. In the Alpina corner, the D3 is a bit easier to control. When Alpina gets a new BMW into their shop, they take it apart until it is down to the bare interior elements, then they rebuild it with even better quality leather and dash trim.


The D3 is a very fast and very quiet car, if thats what you’re into. The M3 is quite the opposite; with a sportier feel, better support in the seating and a louder exhaust and engine. The M3 steering wheel is bigger, and has that signature heavier steering we have come to love in BMW.


In short, if you want a quicker sportier car, the choice is of course the M3. However if it’s a more luxurious touch, while still maintaing a relatively high level of performance, go for a D3. I myself would take an M3, because of reasons.


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