The successor to the late great CL; All new Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe

If you haven’t already, I would like to introduce you to the new S classe coupe. This brilliant two ton vehicle is the successor to the one of the baddest big body coupes ever to live, the CL. We will miss the CL dearly, but life goes on. The S63 coupe features the iconic 5.5L Biturbo V8 that has a top speed of 186 MP, which produces a whopping 577 bhp, and 664 lb-ft of torque. With that said, this new AMG can sprint from 0-62MPH in just 3.9 secs in the 4matic AWD version, or 4.3 secs in the standard RWD model; this is capable with help from the AMG Speedshift MCT 7-speed sport transmission.

Mercedes has a trend of creating groundbreaking innovation in every new flagship model they introduce. The new S Classe is no exception, it features “magic body control”, which uses cameras that scan the road for bumps ahead of you, and automatically adjusts the suspension before you hit them. In addition to that the new model has what Mercedes calls “curve tilt control”-available in the RWD model only, a system that makes the car lean into corners much like a motorcycle. This feature is not for improving cornering speed but improving driver and passenger comfort, as this is not an SLS, but a grand tourer. Keeping that in mind, the S coupe has the quietest cabin of any road car Mercedes has ever produced. Air suspension comes standard in the S coupe, and makes you feel like you’re floating centimeters above the ground.

On the inside, the S63 is wrapped in the finest of leather, from the dashboard to the body hugging AMG sport seats. The steering wheel has a very sporty feeling flat bottomed steering wheel, that is made from alcantara -we love alcantara, a lot. Included in the AMG package comes a set of 20in, black alloy wheels. With great size and mighty power, the S Classe needs space shuttle quality brakes, and AMG has given this new model a set of massive carbon ceramic brake discs to cope with the astronomical performance. The gorgeous panoramic roof allows the driver to see the stars from the comfort of the cabin; you can adjust the tint of the window from inside as well. The 1st edition models come with Swarovski crystal headlights, because why not?

Keeping with the AMG standards, the S63 has a number of distinctive style upgrades on the exterior. Including a big flared intake on the front and minimalist air vents on the rear of the body. Pricing for the new S63 AMG coupe starts at $230.900 base, so start saving that bread!

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