Best/Worst cars of 2014

Every year automakers bring out new generations or mid generation refreshes to existing models. Some are a hit and some are a miss; well we compiled a list of our most loved and most hated of the past year. Let us know what you think!


BMW 235i


The new 2 series is a new compact-ish coupe from BMW. With BMWs usual perfect weight distribution and short wheelbase, which offers the user a very pleasant drive. Options include the 228i 4 cylinder turbo, and six cylinder turbo 235i. Starting at $31k its fairly priced in comparison to the the CLA, and is a total package for the price paid.


Mercedes AMG S63 Coupe


Hands down one of the best cars to debut this year. The sheer sight of this beast on the street leaves us breathless. The massive two door battleship features AMG 5.5L biturbo unit. The S63 comes with a standard RWD or optional AWD 4matic. Prices for the AMG model starts at around $210k; if you got it, go for it.


Fiesta ST


The brilliant ST line is hard to beat. Starting at about $17k, for the mighty Fiesta ST, which features a turbo charged, 4-cyl ecoboost is mated to a six speed gearbox. The Fiesta is a tiny machine with very dynamic driving capabilities. Ford has surely outdone themselves with this one.


Porsche 991 GT3


Porsche has spent 6 decades or so perfecting the sports car. After all, the 911 is the original sports car. The GT3 has been chiseled into a track-day, asphalt eating monster. Featuring a PDK gearbox that we are all too familiar with, offers shifts quicker than you can remember your name. We just cant get over that 4-wheel steering, awesome.



Chevrolet Spark


With MPG barely rated at 31, coupled with a microscopic engine, we thought the Spark would at least excel in efficiency. Unfortunately the Spark came up short in many of areas; some of which clearly include the looks department. Behind the wheel the Spark gives us a very stiff cheap feel. On the inside Chevy utilizes bottom of the barrel quality materials for the dash and body panels.


Lexus IS250


Claiming to be a BMW competitor requires very large shoes. Unfortunately the Lexus brand has very small Cinderella sized feet. The IS features two choices of engines, a 4cyl and 6cyl unit, both with mediocre power ratings. The interior is cramped and not very tastefully designed. Materials are very Toyota-like, which leaves us wondering, is this a Toyota, or a Lexus “luxury” vehicle?


Scion tC


The Scion group continues to disappoint with the latest tC model. Again a title is being claimed that it cannot live up to, “sports coupe”. The exterior looks are not terrible, but nothing to be desired either. Performance comes up miserably short, with the weak 4 cyl unit. The ride is very uncomfortable, quite stiff and heavy steering. The tC has always been a miss, but people still buy them. Oh well.


Hyundai Genesis


The Genesis from Hyundai is there attempt at a sports car. Its not the worst thing in the world, but it definitely isn’t worth your $25k. The interior is very drab, considering it is a flagship model of the company. Parts, instrument cluster, door hinges, everything feels so cardboard like. Do yourself a favor and drive past the Hyundai dealer.

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