Mercedes GLE AMG has its barrel aimed at the X6M

Mercedes is getting ready to debut their horrendous new GLE crossover; essentially a confused ML-class. This new model has great potential however, as the crossover car market is clearly a big one. Clearly they have their sights set dead on the X6/M, considering it looks exactly like it, smh. Choosing between the two is like choosing between projectile vomitting, or aggravated diarrhea. But that’s not what we are here to discuss..let’s get in to the interesting bits!

The new GLE 63 will come with two power unit options; the standard 5.5L Biturbo kicking out a whopping 549bhp, and an AMG S version with a juiced up 577 bhp. That make’s it a bit easier to stomach the GLE. Since it hasn’t dropped yet, we haven’t gotten our hands on one, so we can’t offer sound handling insight. But if it feels anything like the X6 it won’t be the best The new GLE will come with a standard 4matic AWD system, as you’d expect. To get you going, the GLE is fitted with standard paddle shifters and a limit of 155mph. The 4matic system is a rear-wheel-biased creature, feeding 60% of its power to the rear axle. Starting off around $130k, I couldn’t think of a worse way to waste money.

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