Jaguar Adds Four Cylinder Turbo Option To F-Type Range

Believe it or not, it has been seven years since the F-Type first graced the planet Earth. Some are saying that this new four cylinder F-Type model is a signal to the end of the F-Type’s glorious seven year run. We are by no means mad at the new, smaller displacement F-Type. This new variant is good for a couple reasons; one being that it will significantly decrease the entry price for the F-Type, and the second being that it adds a dynamic new variant to an existing modern-day classic.
The most evident replacement is the nerve-dropping V6 and V8 engines. They will be replaced with a turbocharged inline-four engine, which may not sound like much of a fair trade-off at first. Though this new engine is down 39 horsepower from the supercharged V6 counterpart. With that alone, the new model shed an additional 124 pounds from its frame. Because the weight shed is off of the front axle, this would allow for a more dynamic drive, and better high-speed turn entries; thus making this the best F-Type for cornering. The 2.0L engine shares some similarities with the XE base model, Jaguar notes that they’ve added ceramic roller bearing, in addition to opting for a twin-scroll turbo to decrease lag. It is very unfortunate that Jaguar chose to get rid of the six-speed manual and chose to only go with the eight-speed automatic gearbox. This is largely due to poor sales of the manual transimission-equipped models. We don’t blame them for that, but it is pretty disappointing. As well, Jaguar has opted for a rear-wheel drive layout, sorry to those living in conditions where you need an AWD.
Exterior-wise, the easiest way to distinguish the new 2.0L model from the V6 and V8 models, is by looking at the exhaust pipes. The new 2.0L turbocharged model features a single oval exhaust unit in the center of the rear bumper. Whereas the more powerful variants boast a twin pipe setup. Another exterior update the F-Type will receive across all 2018 models include new front bumpers, LED head lights which will replace the existing bi-xenon lights. Further updates include darker tail lights, as well as lighter, thinner seats that will save an additional 20 pounds, and add legroom. Though we are sad to say that the F-Type is now approaching its retirement, it is safe to say that this Jaguar sports car is without question, one of the most iconic and timeless modern car designs on the road today.

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