Mercedes Debuts The First S-Classe Cabrio In 44 Years

The first S-Classe Cabrio was sold from 1961-1971; now Mercedes is bringing her back! To prepare for this years Frankfurt auto show, Mercedes has revealed the latest iteration on the big body, ultra luxe drop top. Competing directly with the Continental GT drop-head from Bentley, the S-Cabrio will boast the largest fabric convertible roof ever used in a production car. After the Frankfurt auto show, the S-Cabrio will go on sale in the US in 2016.
The interior of the car will feature heated seats and heated arm rests. The S-Cabrio will have an advanced air protection system, called “AIRCAP”, to reduce the intensity of the wind at highspeeds; as well as Mercedes’ “AIRSCARF” system. Naturally the car will get a larger rear boot, as well as an upgraded windscreen frame. The new Cabrio will retain the existing S-Classe Coupe engine variants, and AWD/RWD drivetrains.

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