The Tesla Model X Revealed

The production version of the Model X has been revealed via Tesla’s private configurator for it’s Signature reservation holders. The model shown here is that of the range-topping, Signature version. There will be two models available to the public; the regular model that requires a $5,000 deposit, and Signature model which requires a $45,000 deposit. The Signature Series will sell for a whopping $132,000, without the $7,500 Federal tax credit. The Model X will feature a 90kWh battery, and the same luxurious trimmings as the current Model S.
The Model X will come with a set of awe-inspiring Falcon-Wing vertical doors, which will have a built-in sensor to prevent users from hitting low ceilings. The Model X specs tell us that the SUV will have a 259hp front, and a 503hp rear electric motor, which will sprint the Model X from 0-60 in 3.8 secs as well as a 240 mile range. If you opt for the “Ludicrous speed upgrade” package, 0-60 gets cut down to a mere 3.2 secs.

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