Where the Boss 302 left off; the all new GT350 Shelby

We love the Ford Mustang here at Miami Exotic, so it’s only right that we dedicate this feature to the new Shelby GT350. The GT350 features a 5.2L V8 engine, and at first sight, the masterful design of the body work makes it a real head-turner. The thing that grabs me the most, is the fact that all that design has purpose behind it. This Mustang was created using the “Form Follows Function” principle; and Ford has done a great job at that. Although pricing and Horsepower specs are not confirmed, we will go ahead and give you a few reasons why you should love it, too.

Similar to it’s predecessor, the 302, this GT350 is track focused. Starting with the newly designed front end, the GT350 has been given a wider body with the front track set at 35mm. Continuing down the side of the body, the fenders have been given a significant amount of flair. Ford has added vents behind the wheel arches, which funnels the hot air from the engine bay. In order to effectively increase the GT350’s stiffness, Ford states that they have molded the front fascia from a carbon-fiber composite.

To keep up with today’s high-end contemporary designing most of the aerodynamic work is very subtle, yet effective. Namely the rear diffuser and underbelly tray, which channel airflow down the rear diffuser to keep the Shelby planted. Luckily for drivers, the top speed will NOT be electronically limited, after all it is a track-focused machine.

As for the GT350’s suspension, Ford uses the MagneRide which offers similar systems in Audi’s and Ferrari’s. The MagneRide system is a continuously adaptive magnetorheological damping system, which sounds like hieroglyphics. This system actively manages the Shelby’s steering angle, pitch, yaw and lateral acceleration to optimize damping in real time. The active suspension is used to control the throttle response, traction, stability control intervention and ABS.

On the interior, the GT350 allows you to see lap times, acceleration and braking statistics and g-meter via an in-dash readout. Included in this is the launch control option. With launch control activated, the GT350 will adjust its engine speed and hold it there, so all you have to do is pop the clutch and take off. To make the Shelby a more comfortable place, Ford has included fully adjustable front and rear Recaro bucket seats wrapped in alcantara, which are rather comfortable. These seats allow you to whip around the track, and head out to dinner without a problem.

To keep this pony on the track, Ford have slapped on a massive set of two-piece rotors, which have a 15.5 diameter up front and 15 in the rear. Brembo has blessed the GT350 with an equally massive six-piston front calipers and four-pot rear pieces. To help with traction, Michelin has a specially GT350-designed set of their Pilot Super Sport tires. If you a real enthusiast, Ford offer an optional “Track Pack”, that features auxiliary coolers for the transmission, engine and differential.

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