Winners circle for 2015

We received a lot of good feedback from our Best/Worst list, so we’ve decided to continue with the trend. This time around, however, we managed to compile a list of some of the years most promising. Included in this list are few of the top picks from categories ranging from Electric/Hybrid-Super Cars. So without wasting any more time, here we go!

Honda NSX


Honda unveiled their all new mid-engined, twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 NSX in Detroit this month. The NSX features three electric motors; one that drives the rear wheels, and two for the front wheels. Power will be expected to be in the 500bhp territory. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

McLaren Sport Series


Nicknamed the P13 project, the Sport Series is aimed at being the most affordable *cough cough* McLaren offering to date. Expected to be around $180-$200k, it is pointing right in the Turbo/Turbo S range. Note it will be powered by McLaren’s 3.8 biturbo V8. Definitely something to watch out for.

Ferrari 458 Turbo


Ferrari promised a more hardcore version of their already absurd 458, stating that it will definitely be turbo charged. Why ditch the traditional natural aspiration? Ask BMW, more efficiency, lower CO2 output and because Turbo=Fun! Power is expected to be around the 600bhp range to keep up with the 650S.

Porsche Cayman GT4


The Cayman has slowly been taking over part of our 911 think space for quite some time. Since we began seeing a beefed up version testing heavily on the Nürburgring, our interest shot off the charts. Porsche has finally unveiled the GT4, expect power to be around 380-400bhp range, from a flat-six.

Bentley SUV


“When they gon make that Bentley truck?!”-2Chainz, you prayers have finally been answered. The new SUV will be launched this year with your choice of Bentley’s own V8 and W12 engines, and expect a hybrid unit later in the year. As far as price goes, you can bet it’s going to be expensive; Bentley states that prices will start at around $200k-$220k.

Jaguar XE


Jaguar will be putting out their baby flagship sedan, which will be going against the titans, 3-series, A4, and C-class. Power will come from either a 2.0L diesel, 2.0L gas, or a 3.0 Supercharged V6 borrowed from the F-Type-guess which one we’re going for. Expect prices to be around the $35-$45k range. Do you think the Brits have the smarts to out gun the Germans?

BMW i8


BMW i8, because it is incredible. But seriously, the i8 has been selling like hot cakes in America with most dealers currently sold out. The plant in Leipzig, Germany puts out 100 i3/i8 units a day, and about 100 are sold each day worldwide. Its gotta be the swan doors. With prices starting at a reasonable $135k for the i8, no wonder we are all in love with it. With 357hp coming from a 3 cylinder, hybrid unit; it is not an M-car, but has M-like acceleration and handling.

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